Giggly Tots, Pacifier Bib Catch Pocket for Baby's Dummy

How to Use the Pacifier Holder Bib

The Pacifier Holder Bib is a handy pocket that catches falling pacifiers, keeping them safe and clean. Best of all, as the pocket is close to your child’s mouth, baby can retrieve their pacifier themselves easily. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Fasten the Pacifier Holder Bib around your child’s neck by using the Velcro tabs until it fits comfortably.
  2. Create a pocket around your baby’s chin using the mouldable wire.
  3. Ideally, there should be a minimum of a 1-centimeter gap between baby’s pacifier and the catch pocket.
  4. The pocket must be big enough for baby to move their head freely while sucking on the pacifier—yet it must be close enough to allow the pacifier to be caught in the bib.

Caution: for your child's safety

DO NOT create a tight pocket that does not allow your baby to move their head or remove the pacifier whenever they want. The pocket’s maximum height must not exceed the child’s lower lip and should never cover their nose.

Adult supervision is required at all times when using this product.

OVERHEATING HAZARD – overheating can occur if a child wears it to sleep. The Pacifier Holder Bib is not a sleeping aid product and should never be used while your baby is asleep. Always take off the Pacifier Holder Bib before putting your baby down to sleep.

SUFFOCATION HAZARD – children under 12 months can suffocate when their nose and/or mouth are covered. Never cover your child’s mouth and nose. Adult supervision is required.

SHARP EDGES – metal wire used in pacifier catchment pocket can break and form a sharp edge that can injure/cut skin. Inspect the product regularly and discard the product if the moulding wire has pierced through the coating. Always inspect the bib carefully before each use. Dispose of at the first signs of damage or when metal pierces through the fabric.

A pacifier should never be fixed to a child’s mouth or tied to their neck. Tying a pacifier around their neck creates a danger of choking. Never attach other ribbons or cords to a pacifier, as your child may be choked by them.

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