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Pacifying made simple

Organic Cotton


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The safety of this product is ensured through testing for harmful substances using the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Swiss Textile Testing Institute.

This product is sustainably & responsibly manufactured from seed to finished product & certified by Global Organic Texttile Standard (GOTS).

Protected by UK Patent No. GB2305690.6. A patent is a legal right granted by the UK government to an inventor or owner of an invention.

"My Baby's pacifier is falling out!"

Keeping a pacifier in your baby’s mouth is sometimes easier said than done. If your child’s dummy falls easily from their mouth, it could be a sign of poor suction or low muscle tone.

This is entirely normal for little ones—after all, baby needs time to learn and practise their sucking technique, which can take six months or more.

But in the meantime, is there a way to keep them happy by making sure that they never, ever lose their pacifier? And better still—that they can ‘magically’ retrieve it for themselves?

The Pacifier Holder is a clever bib designed to stop dummies from slipping to the floor and getting lost. How? Simple—it catches pacifiers safely in a handy pocket beneath baby’s chin, making it easy for them to retrieve with their mouths.

This way, the dummy stays clean and you don’t have to rush to pick it up every minute. And because baby is getting uninterrupted sucking practice, their technique and muscle tone improves faster.

Every baby is unique, which is why you can adjust the Pacifier Holder Bib to fit comfortably around your little one’s neck.

Once the Pacifier Holder Bib is on, you can then adjust the distance between baby’s face and the catch pocket.

The pocket is shaped around baby’s chin far enough to give space for them to move their head comfortably while still catching the pacifier near to their mouth. This way they can retrieve it easily, instead of getting distressed.

With the Pacifier Holder Bib your little one will be much happier, retrieving their dummy time and time again from the ‘magic pocket’ while you sit back and relax.

Pacifier Holder Bib

The Pacifier Holder will allow your Baby to safely retrieve the pacifier when it falls out, reducing the need for YOUR intervention. It will also help your Baby improve their sucking technique so that the pacifier does not fall out from your Baby’s mouth anymore. This process, however, takes some time, so keep going. Just wait and see!


£ 19
  • ONE SIZE (for +1 Month)

people are looking at this product now!

Personal experience

”My hands were numb after several hours of holding or putting my daughter’s pacifier back in place 100 times a day. All I wanted was to free up my hands to do some chores and drink my coffee while it was still hot…. IT WORKED! It worked so well that we turned it into a product that can help other tired Mamas (and Papas!).”

Emma’s Mom

The Founder of Giggly Tots®